brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Tom Breton tehom at
Tue Jul 9 10:29:47 EST 2002

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at> writes:

> the argument that a larger overall brain size is correlated with
> information-processing capacity is hard to defend because all things else
> being proportional, because of the longer fibers necessary, an overly-large
> brain suffers a penalty in energy consumption and/or convergence
> 'time'.

Convergence time...  It's odd that we don't ever hear about that when
science-popularizers are chortling that "women use both halves of
their brains and men don't".  (to accomplish specific tasks, but that
usually goes unsaid)

But anyways, local specialization makes me doubt the theory that large
brain = large convergence time for tasks of interest.

> [which is another viewport into the hyper-/hypo- trophy stuff. to maintain
> overall minimization of energy consumption, and overall 'timely'
> convergence, requires a hypertophy-hypotrophy 'off-setting'. this, of
> course, can be 'stretched' a bit if it's the case that an individual
> experiences greater than 'normal' "leisure" ["leisure", here, is not
> necessarily a state of "ease".]]

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