brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>"Peter Douglas Zohrab" <zohrab at> painstakingly noted:
>>Maybe so, but that is not relevant to the present discussion.  If you are
>>saying that Einstein's brain was the anomalous (please note the spelling
>>this word) subject, that is inappropriate to this discussion, since his
>>brain was presumably not part of the sample on the basis of which the
>>generalisation was made that female brains are smaller than male brains.
>J P Rushton (The National Review, September 15, 1997) pointed out that
>any debate over the relation between brain size and intelligence was
> Subsequently, of course, discoveries using Magnetic Resonance
> Imaging (MRI), which creates a three-dimensional image of the
> living brain, have shown a strong positive correlation (0.44)
> between brain size and intelligence.

i doubt such studies are properly controlled. i. e. how is the distribution
of subjects cross-correlated with societal distributions? [how are they
controlled with respect to subjects' experience?]

>And there is more. The
> National Collaborative Perinatal Study, as reported by Sarah
> Broman and her colleagues, showed that head perimeter measured
> at birth significantly predicts head perim-eter at 7 years --
> and head perimeter at both ages predicts IQ. Recent studies
> also show that head size and IQ vary with social class.

all most-likely attributed to nutritional experience, including prenatal.

k. p. collins

> It is, of course, relationships between brain size/IQ and sex
> and race which, understandably, arouse the most anxiety. Some
> critics have even suggested a social taboo on discussion and
> research in these fields. That would run counter to the entire
> tradition of scientific inquiry.
>You appear to have come up against the "social taboo" he mentions.
>This is the type of research that Gloria Steinem and Jesse Jackson
>want prohibited.

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