brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >>The leads you've already provided don't appear particularly sound.
> >>
> >>When I say "no," I mean I've seen the studies published.  Ergo, there
> >>can't be that great of a prohibition.
> >>
> >
> >
> > Not quite sure what you meant here,
> what i mean is that you assert a conspiracy to keep research from being
> published. it gets published, where's the conspiracy?

Has the big LIE that Wechsler promoted for the last half a century, wherein
94% of the test questions which were "biased against women" were thrown out
BEFORE the "IQ test" was finalized, EVER been published?  Where?  So far,
all we have is one single line from one person on a usenet forum, which
hardly qualifies as "published", wouldn't you say?

That LIE needs to be more than published.  It needs to be engraved on the
Statue of Liberty so that everyone passing by knows about it.

> > but let's put this a different way.  Two
> > thirds of those students who score over 550 in SAT Math are boys, but
> > are two thirds of college admissions now.
> >
> > Do you really think there's no bias involved here?
> is there any claim that those admissions are being based on GRE, SAT, or
> IQ scores?

You really do ask some of the strangest questions.  What do you think the
GRE and SAT were developed for?  Why do colleges ask for transcripts of the
scores?  Do you think they just file them away so they can include them on
the transcripts that employees ask for, or do you think that just maybe they
actually use them to qualify students for admission.

It's true that universities used affirmative action as an excuse to throw
out, or at least minimize their use of, SAT scores, but aa is now illegal
and universities who try to do that are losing their cases in court, left
and right.

John Knight

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