brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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John Knight wrote:
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>>>>The leads you've already provided don't appear particularly sound.
>>>>When I say "no," I mean I've seen the studies published.  Ergo, there
>>>>can't be that great of a prohibition.
>>>Not quite sure what you meant here,
>>what i mean is that you assert a conspiracy to keep research from being
>>published. it gets published, where's the conspiracy?
> Has the big LIE that Wechsler promoted for the last half a century, wherein
> 94% of the test questions 

What test questions? you can not have test questions without a test. 
before the test was constructed, there was no test.


>>is there any claim that those admissions are being based on GRE, SAT, or
>>IQ scores?
> You really do ask some of the strangest questions.  What do you think the
> GRE and SAT were developed for?  Why do colleges ask for transcripts of the
> scores?  Do you think they just file them away so they can include them on
> the transcripts that employees ask for, or do you think that just maybe they
> actually use them to qualify students for admission.

have you ever sat on an admissions committee?  I have. I present the 
same question.

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