brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight johnknight at
Thu Jul 11 01:58:47 EST 2002

"Mark D. Morin" <mdmpsyd at> wrote in message
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> > If it's so "robust", then why's it incapable of detecting the difference
> > mental aptitude between men and women, when men historically, from the
> > beginning of time, in every country on the Earth today, earn 42% more
> > women?
> huh? there has to be an underlying IQ difference to justify sociological
> prejudices? What rock have you been hiding under?


What took you so long to fulfill Peter's prophecy?

The mere mention of the differences between the sexes, in your mind, is

Do we have that right?

Is this your final answer?

John Knight

ps--and now that you've concluded that "prejudice" is involved, you don't
have to continue to pretend to be a man, and you don't have to keep being
reminded about what Barbie said:  "math is sooo hard"?

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