brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John H. John at
Thu Jul 11 11:46:28 EST 2002

Actually glial cells do play some roles in neurotransmission, and their
supportive role re growth factors and nutrients might be sufficient to
enhance intelligence, though of course the usual view is that glial cells
are sort of lying around waiting for something dangerous to happen, the
emerging view is that these cells play both direct and secondary effects in
neural transmission. As for just what is an "information processing cell" in
the CNS, well that remains something of a mystery to me, lot of players


"Thalamus" <zhil at> wrote in message
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> Which is strange - glial cells are NOT information-processing cells,
> functionally support cells IE oligodendrocytes, Schwann cells etc.
> So how could Einstein be a genious, if his structural neural network
> exceptional, if his brainsize were 'normal' ????
> Brian

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