Chive, Look! Your golden opportunity (Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's)

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Thu Jul 11 17:33:04 EST 2002

...To prove that you can offer a pro-feminist, pro-equality argument
using FACTS and EVIDENCE, as you claim you do.

Here on board we have John Knight, arch antifeminist and author of a
proposal to repeal the Nineteenth Amendment.   In this thread, he's
arguing with facts and evidence that seems to support his claim that
women are intellectually inferior to men.

So come on Chive, show us your salt, show us you're not merely some
annoying spammer trying to take control of an anarchical
Let's see you put your money where your keyboard is and prove that you
_really_are_ concerned with feminism, facts, and evidence.

"John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote in message news:<UUZW8.33126$P%6.2756978 at>...
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> > Bob LeChevalier wrote:
> > > "Mark D. Morin" <mdmpsyd at> wrote:
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> > >>What does all of this have to do with the assertion that there is a
> > >>gender bias in IQ testing? Mattarazzo (1972 *Weschler's Measurement and
> > >>Appraisal of Adult Intelligence*) reviewd the then current literature
> > >>quite extensively (p 352 ff).  He cited numerous studies that attempted
> > >>to demonstrate such a difference and failed to do so.
> > >
> > >
> > > I think that his claim is that, since (if) Weschler intentionally
>  omitted
> > > subtests
> >
> > Subtests did not exist before they were constructed.
> >
> > > that men did better on than women, that the bias for a false
> > > equality was built into the test from the beginning.  If he indeed
>  eliminated
> > > all subtests that show a gender difference, then of course you will not
>  find
> > > studies that demonstrate a difference.
> > >
> > > But then one is never entirely sure what the nincompoop (JK) really
>  thinks.
> >
> > seems like a great conspiracy theorist. I wonder if he believes in alien
> > abductions too.  He really should take a course on psychometrics and
> > test construction before making the comments he does.
> >
> This of course is the very argument that Peter Zohrab predicted "liberals"
> would resort to when confronted with simple FACTS.
> If every test known to humankind DOES demonstrate a "systemic gender
> difference" [read: in English, the natural difference between the sexes],
> but so-called "IQ tests" do not, then it's not me who's suspect--it's
> Wechsler and his fellow "scientists" who evidently manipulated the data
> right from the start, and all "educators" and politicians who followed right
> along like little lemmings.
> John Knight

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