brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight johnknight at
Thu Jul 11 23:12:29 EST 2002

"Mark D. Morin" <mdmpsyd at> wrote in message
> > The mere mention of the differences between the sexes, in your mind, is
> > "prejudice"!
> >
> > Do we have that right?
> No.
> You are exercising circular reasoning.
> >
> > Is this your final answer?
> >
> > John Knight
> >
> >
> >
> > ps--and now that you've concluded that "prejudice" is involved,
> Prejudice has been involved for millenia.  Prejudice exists despite
> evidence and prejudice is what blinds people to evidence. Prejudice
> evokes the circular reasoning that you have been so good at. Prejudice
> is independant of data--show me the data fool.

Well, it's pretty clear that you're just trolling now.

You haven't got the slightest idea if anyone's "prejudiced" regarding their
opinion, whether it's their opinion of the data, or of the crooks who
manipulated it.  You didn't level that charge because you wanted to avoid or
critique any possible prejudice.  You levelled that charge only because you
(and I) know that it's impossible for you to defend your position.

You keep repeating the mantra about "measurement errors" of one of the
simplest things in the world to measure, without ever pointing out
specifically where you believe these measurement errors are.  This was
simply an attempt to discredit what you know (or at least sense) to be a

You're willing to go to great lengths to attempt to refute the correlation
between brain size and GRE scores, no matter what the facts are.  It's clear
now that the only reason you haven't provided any valid references is that
you haven't found a single data point which refutes any of these statistics,
or which even suggests that there are any significant "measurement errors".

The correct description of what someone thinks of people who do this isn't
"prejudice", though );

John Knight

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