brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> Chive doesn't have to.
> If you know anything about the "wiring" of male versus female brains, then
> you would know that women use their brains far more efficiently than men
> The cerebral cortex of a man's brain behaves as though damaged, allowing
> only the random signal to travel from one side to another.  Other than
> most neural firing is confined to either one side, or the other.
> Women, however, have a f, lly-functioning cerebral cortex and neural
> is nearly constant across this 'bridge', using the brain far more
> efficiently.
> Bwah.

This may be true.  But it's irrelevant.

Whatever benefit is gained by this putative efficiency is more than lost by
its 3 1/2 billion fewer brains cells.

Quantitative reasoning is vital to sustaining a technological society, and
as "The IQ of Nations" reports, most nations of the world don't have high
enough quantitative reasoning skills to sustain a technological society.

Now that it's clear that Wechsler designed an "IQ test" to CONCEAL
differences of intelligence [read: quantitative reasoning skills], we cannot
rely on any test which is at all associated with Wechsler.

But we don't need him anyway, because one of the most effective measurements
of quantitative reasoning skills is the Graduate Record Examination which
has been administered to tens of thousands of our supposedly best students
over the last several decades.  Disclaimer:  with affirmative action, it's
questionable whether or not they really are the best students, and in fact
much of their recent research and writings suggests that many of them may
have been the WORSE students.  [But let's leave that aside for another

Whether or not GRE is measuring the best, mediocre, or the worst students
isn't as important as the fact that GRE scores by race and sex show clear
and distinct boundaries which may have been even more distinct had it not
been for affirmative action.

For perspective, note that over a three year period, the highest scoring
women were Asian women who scored 11 to 14 points lower than White men and that the lowest scoring
women were Black women who scored 234-235 points lower than Asian men.

Obviously Black women don't have the quantitative skills necessary to
sustain a technological society [which is why Africa is where it is],
whereas Asian men do [which is why they now dominate technological
industries].  Where's the dividing point?  Do Asian women have the
quantitative skills necessary to sustain a technological society?

Dunno.  Asian women score higher than men of other races--61 points higher
than Indian men, 126 points higher than Black men, 55 points higher than
Mexican men, 68 points higher than Puerto Rican men, and 29 points higher
than "other" Hispanic men.

But they score 66 points lower than Asian men, so it's doubtful if any Asian
woman could make a significant contribution to the quantitative reasoning
skills of any Asian nation.

There's one other disclaimer:  because of morons like Wechsler, our
"education" system is SO bad and SO feminized that ALL American men, and not
just the most intelligent men, have been seriously shortchanged in their
educations for a long, long time.  All of these attempts to establish
"equality" between the sexes and races has shortchanged EVERYBODY--except
our global economic competitors.

Third disclaimer:  affirmative action caused the GRE to be administered to
patently unqualified students, which is why the standard deviation for GRE
scores is so high.  The curves at would be
much steeper had it not been for aa.

John Knight

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