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> <> Yes, I've read that the theory was finished 5 years before he
> <> it thorugh a 'dream'.
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> <Isn't it astounding that we, a supposedly advanced technological society,
> <got sucked into this LIE about Einstein's "dream" for more than half a
> <century?
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> Oh, it's even more astonishing than that when you realize that Einstein
> never said anything about ideas coming to him in a dream.  Thalamus
> is likely thinking about Kekule and benzene.  Or possibly the novel and
> subsequent musical of the same name.  Or conceivably Einstein's thought
> experiment about travelling on a wave of light.
> But of course the fact that no one ever claimed this happened is not about
> keeep Johnny from screaming "LIE", is it?
> You're right, Johnny.  It is a "lie".
> <The original papers were actually published 10 to 20 years before
> <claimed he had this "dream", which gave him (and his compatriots) plenty
> <time to set us up.  With communications being so slow at the time, it's
> <surprising that they were able to pull it off.
> SMURFLE!!  Yeah, those primitive early twentieth century Krauts, why
> it sometimes took several weeks for the latest issue of "Annalen der
> to reach the universities.
> -- cary

Are you denying that Einstein was a LIAR, and a PLAGIARIST, cary?

Do you have some kind of proof that Einstein published anything before
Hilbert did?

Do you DENY that the following is accurate?

If not, why would you waste the electrons to support a known LIAR and
PLAGIARIST like Einstein?  Why would you defend these criminal actions in
the first place, unless you have proof that the allegations are wrong?

John Knight
Not only did Hilbert publish his work first, but it was of much higher
quality than Einstein's. It is known today that there are many problems with
assumptions made in Einstein's General Theory paper. We know today that
Hilbert was much closer to the truth. Hilbert's paper is the forerunner of
the unified field theory of gravitation and electromagnetism and of the work
of Erwin Schrödinger, whose work is the basis of all modern day quantum
mechanics. [Note:  see critique].

That the group of men discussed so far were the actual originators of the
ideas claimed by Einstein was known by the scientific community all along.
In 1940, a group of German physicists meeting in Austria declared that
"before Einstein, Aryan scientists like Lorentz, Hasenöhrl, Poincaré, etc.,
had created the foundations of the theory of relativity..."

However, the Jewish media did not promote the work of these men. The Jewish
media did not promote the work of David Hilbert, but instead they promoted
the work of the Jew Albert Einstein. As we mentioned earlier, this General
Theory, as postulated by Hilbert first and in plagiarized form by Einstein
second, stated that light rays should bend when they pass by a massive
object. In 1919, during the eclipse of the Sun, light from distant stars
passing close to the Sun was observed to bend according to the theory. This
evidence supported the General Theory of Relativity, and the
Jewish-controlled media immediately seized upon the opportunity to prop up
Einstein as a hero, at the expense of the true genius, David Hilbert.

On November 7th, 1919, the London Times ran an article, the headline of
which proclaimed, "Revolution in science - New theory of the Universe -
Newtonian ideas overthrown." This was the beginning of the force-feeding of
the Einstein myth to the masses. In the following years, Einstein's earlier
1905 papers were propagandized and Einstein was heralded as the originator
of all the ideas he had stolen. Because of this push by the Jewish media, in
1922, Einstein received the Nobel Prize for the work he had stolen in 1905
regarding the photoelectric effect.

The establishment of the Einstein farce between 1919 and 1922 was an
important coup for world Zionism and Jewry. As soon as Einstein had been
established as an idol to the popular masses of England and America, his
image was promoted as the rare genius that he is erroneously believed to be
today. As such, he immediately began his work as a tool for World Zionism.
The masses bought into the idea that if someone was so brilliant as to
change our fundamental understanding of the universe, then certainly we
ought to listen to his opinions regarding political and social issues. This
is exactly what World Jewry wanted to establish in its ongoing effort of
social engineering. They certainly did not want someone like David Hilbert
to be recognized as rare genius. After all, this physicist had come from a
strong German, Christian background. His grandfather's two middle names were
'Fürchtegott Leberecht' or 'Fear God, Live Right.' In August of 1934, the
day before a vote was to be taken regarding installing Adolf Hitler as
President of the Reich, Hilbert signed a proclamation in support of Adolf
Hitler, along with other leading German scientists, that was published in
the German newspapers. So the Jews certainly did not want David Hilbert
receiving the credit he deserved.

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