brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> Here are some I just dug up:
<> And yet another:
<> My terminology was wrong, I meant the corpus callosum.  Either way, women
<> use their entire brains more efficiently than men do and, once again, size
<> does NOT matter :P
<Not only was your terminology wrong, but so were your conclusions.  Here are
<some I just dug up.  In the following 12 subjects, no country scored lower
<than American 12th Grade Girls who scored:

What Johnny isn't telling you is that he "just" dug these up years ago,
and has been drawing loud erroneous conclusions ever since.  As one example,
he also is not telling you that:

<Zero percent of American 12th grade girls correctly solved TIMSS math
<Zero percent of American 12th grade girls correctly solved TIMSS physics

that I have twice in the past demonstrated that  his "method" of "analysis" 
which "led" to the above "conclusions" would also "lead"  to the "conclusions" 

    a)  anyone answering every single question correctly should
        be assigned a score of only 78%, and
    b) more girls answered some questions incorrectly than
       actually took the test -- 9 out of every 8 girls for
       one question, 7 out of 6 on another.  
Can you say reductio ad absurdem?  I just KNEW that you could.
It's not the girls who can't apply math correctly.
Google has it.

-- cary

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