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John Knight wrote:

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>>I guess you forgot that people like Marie Curie are solely
>>responsible for the use of X-rays and similar systems. I guess you
>>did a good job of ignoring all the women who likewise contributed
>>significantly to health, and society in general. But then again,
>>they'd skew your male-favoring statistics, wouldn't they?

>Really? Why did Pierre write the following about the HALF of a Nobel
>Prize he got (a CENTURY ago), a quarter of which was "awarded" to
>Marie, but ONLY after he complained to the committee that:

>A joint award is "more satisfying from the artistic point of view".

>Does this *really*sound to you that Marie was "solely responsible for
>the use of X-rays"?

>"members of the l'AcadÈmie des Sciences, including Henri PoincarÈ and
>Gaston Darboux, had nominated Becquerel and Pierre Curie for the Prize
>in Physics. Marie's name was not mentioned."

>Well, maybe not after all.

>Do you have any female accomplishments more recent than a century ago?


>Didn't think so.

>All we've come up with is Hanoi Jane Fonda? Are you fond'a Fonda?

Say what??? ...Now that's pretty sad, Mr. Knight, you're sitting behind
a computer in the Information Age yet you're still living in the 1960s
and invoking moldy invectives that are relevent mostly to the over-45
crowd. (I'll wager "Hanoi Jane" was before some of our times here).

...To wit, you have the World Wide Web at your disposal, where you are
free to look up any such information in question. Type a few words into
the Google search engine: "women inventors" or "women scientists" for
instance. One does not need to be a feminist scholar to find out this
information, you know. ...In fact, unless one has been living under a
rock for the past 50 years, the idea that there have been no women who
have accomplished *anything* at all is beyond the realm of the absurd,
as we have seen plenty of examples of female achievers over the course
of the past century.

Here are just a few of the names that were found quite easily by doing
a search on "women inventors", with the addition of names I remember
from elsewhere):

-Lise Meitner, physicist: "...forever linked in people's minds with the
monumental discovery of nuclear fission...:

-Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of Kevlar (bulletproof fabric)

-Candace Pert, discovered the opiate receptor & revolutionized
understanding of psychology and neurology

- Grace Murray Hopper, pioneering computer scientist:

-Ann Bancroft and Liv Arneson, explorers, first to ski across the
Antarctic continent

-Erna Schneider Hoover "invented the computerized telephone switching

-Sylvia Earle, pioneering marine biologist who helped create a deep-sea
submersible craft for deep sea research;

-Jane Goodall, pioneering work in anthropology:

-Rachel Brown and Elizabeth Hazen invented Nystatin, the world's first
useful antifungal antibiotic.

-Dr. Betsy Ancker-Johnson, physicist, has many patents in solid state
physics, microwave electronics, and controlled thermonuclear fusion

-Edith Flanigen "one of the most inventive chemists of all time"

-Gertrude Belle Elion "patented the leukemia-fighting drug
6-mercaptopurine in 1954 and has made a number of significant
contributions to the medical field."

-Vinnie Ream Hoxie, sculptor, created the famous Lincoln statue in the

-Lotte Reiniger, animation pioneer who actually made the first feature
length animated film (not Disney)

-Leni Riefenstahl (you ought to be familiar with her, right?) --
innovative German filmmaker, much-imitated style

Also, you can find links like this one which index names and

...There are many valid methods for support of one's argument, but
"willful ignorance" is not one of them, Mr. Knight.


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