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>> As an aside, I have seen it hypothesised that brain mass correlates with
>> height.  That would neatly explain the average difference in brain
>> mass between men and women (as an artefact of the average
>> difference in height) and the hypothesis sounds plausible.  However,
>> I haven't seen any evidence for it.  Do you have any?
>I'd be interested in hearing it as well.  It would make
>sense that a larger body would need a larger brain to work
>its various systems, which again would prove that brain size
>says nothing about intelligence.

There is ample evidence of that.  A few people have
extremely small brains due to problems during gestation.
A famous example involved a university student who
was doing well on his course.  He was obviously both
well educated and of considerably higher than average
intelligence.  For some reason (a sporting accident, IIRC), he
had his head scanned at a hospital.  They were rather
surprised to find that his skull was mostly filled with a
watery fluid, with his brain consisting of just a thin layer
around the outside.  People like Einstein, Hawkin, etc, 
also disprove the idea that brain mass correlates with
intelligence.  If it did, they would need heads a foot wide
to keep their brains in.

What I am looking for is evidence on whether brain
mass correlates with height, explicitly without regard
to sex, i.e. is the average brain mass the same for
men and women of the same height?


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