brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > Almost a full century after Marie Curie made history, the TIMSS study
> > demonstrated that a statistical zero percent of American 12th grade
> > were able to correctly answer 30 physics questions which a third of the
> 12th
> > grade boys participating from 18 countries around the world answered
> > correctly:
> You are aware that a statistical 0 percent is equal to not a single female
> answerig them correctly, right?

No.  That's not correct.

READ the statement carefully, and answer your own question.

Instead of me just continually explaining how it's possible, it's time for
you to apply that "superior" female intellect and figure it out for

ALL this requires is a little bit of addition and subtraction.  It doesn't
require you to resolve a million third order partial differential equations.
It doesn't require calculus.  It doesn't even require algebra if you do it

John Knight

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