brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>Very well said, Angilion.
>To feminazis, there's no difference between blue whales and humans, because
>they both "evolved" from the same "common ancestor", so it must somehow make
>sense to them to make such a suggestion.

It makes sense to them because they don't care what is true, or even what
is rational.  They use whatever argument will undermine their opponents,
no matter how irrational or bigoted it is.  They are irrational and
bigoted themselves, so perhaps it makes sense to them.

>But to the rest of the normal people in the country, namely the 91% who
>reject this "theory" of evolution, 

I would love to see you support that figure.  I would also like to see you
explain why you think evolution is not a theory.

N.B. "<Insert deity here> did it" is not a theory.

>human beings have a unique role on the
>planet because they are a unique species, 

Human beings are a unique species.  There is nothing in the theory of
evolution that says they aren't.

>so to suggest that we must make
>comparisons across species is merely the easiest way out of replying
>logically to your question.
>TIMSS and GRE are evidence enough of the correlation between human brain
>size and human intelligence--but this forum sure did add some nice data to
>the equation, didn't it?

If you check, you will find that I am arguing that there is *not* a
correlation between brain size and intelligence, within humanity.

You appear to have taken one of my five points and ran away with
it, making assumptions about my opinion which are not supported by
my posts.


Always remember you're unique.
Just like everyone else. (Anon)

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