brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Richard C. August raugust at
Sun Jul 14 17:17:15 EST 2002

Dear Parse Tree,

Congratulations!!  You have exactly gotten my point!!  In America, if
ignorance is bliss, we have all died, gone to Heaven, and kissed Jesus
Christ full on the lips.

What can we do to reverse this hideous trend, short of repealing the 19th
Amendment, declaring VAWA 1 and 2 UNCONSTITUTIONAL as a Federal Court
already did, reversing the Declaration of Sentiments of Seneca Falls, NY,
and booting the sluts who call themselves educators out of our overpaid and
underproductive embarrassment to educationalia?


Richard C. August

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> > Dear Hope Munro Smith,
> >
> > Mere books and uniforms do not account for the cost of SHEER STUPIDITY
> > the American Educational Systems.
> >
> > My mother related this story to me last night.  A gentleman she knows
> > inquired of three teenage children on the streets of my hometown
> concerning
> > who bombed Pearl Harbor at the beginning of US involvement in World War
> > One teen answered that US Forces bombed our own base under friendly
> > Another answered that Usama bin Laden bombed Pearl Harbor, when he
> > born until c. 1959, since he was 12 in a photo featuring his family in
> > Sweden in 1971.  Yet another answered most intelligently, that he didn't
> > know.
> And you're suggesting that adults do much better?  This ignorance is
> characteristic of most Americans, young and old.  Other countries are
> bad too, but the topic is the US (so I'll ignore them).
> > Never mind that our kids never learn real American History or Spelling,
> > that they learn revisionist standards from highly paid but untrained
> > professors who earned their degrees from diploma mills and were promoted
> by
> > the Peter Principle.  Our kids are rapidly becoming even more
> > than are these professors, to the point that they can't even figure out
> the
> > numbers on a calculator, much less work a slide rule.
> I find it amusing that in the US such a high value is placed on American
> History.  In fact, you apparently place it on the same level of importance
> as Spelling.
> A slide rule is archaic and useless.  We don't teach children how to
> a spinning wheel, either.
> > Lastly, I was taking an evening walk last night, when I observed several
> > teen girls rather provocatively dressed.  Granted, it is summertime and
> they
> > need to dress to be cool.  But to wear clothes only a prostitute would
> wear
> > would make one wonder where their brains really are.  Can they read
> clothing
> > labels, or bottles of hair colourant?  Is it any wonder our American
> Schools
> > are now wasting more money and talent with day care centers in our high
> > schools whilst pregnant teenagers usurp our tax dollars ostensibly
> obtaining
> > an education when they've been told flat out they can earn more money on
> > their backs than they can on their feet?
> Yes, because exhibitionism is equivalent to a vacuous mind.  Slutty outfit
> does not equal slutty person.  It's just that society is moving towards a
> state of less clothing since most of the time clothing serves no purpose.
> > Face it, Mrs. Smith, American Schools are a dungheap, and American
> Children
> > are its fodder.  Billions of American dollars are wasted educating the
> > uneducable MTV generation, who care nothing about the real world other
> than
> > watching "The Real World" on MTV.  Talk to these kids, and find out how
> > dumb, or how smart, they really are.  "Beavis and Butthead" have met
> > progeny here.
> The children are no stupider than the parents...

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