brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Mon Jul 15 02:26:18 EST 2002

"John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote:
>> This very page says that "It is a very select group of Americans, less
>> than 0.1% of the US population, which takes the Graduate Record Exam each
>> year."
>> Thus we can conclude absolutely nothing from the data as it is not
>> representative of the US population, only 0.1% of it.
>This MAKES the case.
>Theoretically (and of course affirmative action threw all such theory out
>the window) this would not be just 0.1% of the population--it would be the
>*top* 0.1%.

Your words suggest that you realize that it is not true that this is the top

>iow, this is the BEST of the BEST in women in academia, science, math,
>physics, chemistry, etc.

But of course it isn't, because many of the best get sidetracked along the
way into other pursuits that make more sense (or more money) for them.

>And the BEST of the BEST of women come nowhere close to the median of men in
>MANY of these test scores.

If it was the top 0.1% (which it wasn't), then it was the top 0.1% of men and
women, not the top women and the median of men.  The median of men did not
take the test.  It is quite possible that the other 99.9% of men wouldn't
hold a candle to these 0.1% of women (If you are an example of them, which is
likely since you've never posted your GRE scores, this is not merely possible
but a certainty).

And indeed the evidence of school success indicates that the bottom 20% of
men are significantly WORSE than the comparable women.  Men drop out of high
school at higher rates than women.


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