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Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>CORRECTION below [near the end].
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>>my gosh! it's been a long 'time' since i've so agonized over what it is
>>i should post.
>>the topic is huge. the thing is, though, i've already discussed everything
>>that needs to be discussed, just not as it's applicable to everyday
>>[and Government] practice.
>>so, i've decided that it will probably be an ongoing, instead of an
>>all-at-once, thing.
>>tonight, the 'first installment' is simple.
>>the 'expectation', held by CEOs, Board Members, and Share Holders, that a
>>'valid' route to 'profitability' runs-through the minimization of Payrole
>>Expenditures, doesn't compute.
>>all that such brings about, as the number of corporations that adhere to
>>increases, is an increasingly-skewed distribution of 'wealth' in which a
>>decreasing number of people can possibly contribute to any corporation's
>>the 'expectation' that prices can be raised interminably does the same
>>the 'expectation' held by Employees that salaries 'must' never-endingly
>>[while employed] increase does the same thing.
>>it's the "greed-trap'.
>>it stretches-out its neck, wips back around, 'devours' all that
>>it, then 'disappears', leaving only its 'ghost', Misery.
>>so what can be done? corporations are in business to achieve
>>after all.
>>the 'expectation' that corporations can remain in Business without being
>>Profitable also doesn't compute ["of course"].
>>so what can be done?
>>the roles of CEOs, Board Members, Share Holders, and Employees have to
>>follow a 'curved-path' to Profitability.
>>"How's that?"
>>CEOs must come to See that the Responsibility entrusted to them extends
>>way, way beyond the 'boundaries' of their corporate endeavor.
>>in a Capitalistic Society, corporations are =everyone's= engines of
>>look and See, in such there's a =lot= more than that which exists within
>>corporate 'boundaries'.
>>and it's with respect to such that CEOs, Board Members, Share Holders and
>>Employees have 'failed'.
>>it's not enough, you see, to have a program of 'charitable' giving.
>>corporations have to reach, =Honorably=, into every facet of Society. into
>>schools, libraries, etc. into seeing to it that there's something for
>>Child within their Corporate endeavor.
>>this doesn't need to take the form of 'giving-money', which is nothing
>>than endeavor to purchase 'respectability' via a tax break.
>>what's necessary has to come from deeper within Beings.
>>what's necessary is to Actively Foster a culture in which, within the
>>corporate structure,  endeavor on behalf of =non-corporate= Citizens is
>>Encouraged and  Celebrated. and this need only take the form of
>>'little-stuff'. you know, encouraging employees to take an hour to meet
>>their Children's Teachers, and other stuff like that.
>>it seems there's an hour 'lost' to the corporattion in such, but what'll
>>actually happen is, that employees experience what's entailed, they'll
>>become 'enabled' as corporate Representatives, which new Enablement,
>>carry back into their employment, erasing the 'lost-hour', and returning
>>in that hour, they'll gain insights that they'll bring back to the
>>corporation, over 'time' such'll 'compound' into new ideas with respect to
>>what it is that the corporation should be doing. with respect to how it
>>should be going about doing business.
>>and that's where the 'curved-path' points right back to Profitability.
>>the above is just one, rather small, example of the sort of work that
>>corporations have been leaving-undone.

since, early this morning, i got 'busted' with respect to what's in the few
paragraphs immediately-above, i'll CLARIFY things a bit.

i wasn't encouraging corporate employees to "go forth as 'marketers'".

i was encouraging the Leadership of Corporations to foster Corporate
cultures that =Actually= reach-out to the general population, in order to
'remove the blinders' with respect to folk's Suffering.

you know, transcend all the 'hype', which 'everyone' can 'see', in one way
or another, is nothing more than calculated-to-manipulate [literally; AoK,
Ap6] 'profit'-seeking, which fairly shouts "corporations'" absence of
understanding, absence of caring, and Pride in 'not-giving-a-damn' with
respect, for instance, to the Child who's 'discarded' into the street.

"It's not my problem. I'm in this corporation to augment the corporate
bottom line."


what i was discussing is that, if Corporate folks, all the way 'down' to the
'least'-one, only get-out-there, beyond the self-imposed 'limits' of their
routine experience, they'll See what needs to be done, and, with such
Seeing, gradually, there'll develop a Corporate culture that, rather than
'sticking it's head in the sand', will, instead, do stuff that makes a
difference with respect to that Child 'discarded' into the street.

and, in the process, all the Members of the Corporate structure will lift-up

~"Small things, Momma, big things, one day, come." [from the song [i don't
know whose song.]]

the Child's experiencing that she/he is in the 'hearts' of the Powerful, and
not-so-Powerful, folks, through this or that communication that can actually
reach her/him, routinely repeated, would be a good first 'step'.

the Child will gain a sense of her/his self-Worth, and have Reason to call
her/him =self= to task with respect to her/his =own= endeavor in Life.

as things stand, most Young Folks can See, Clearly, that everyone's to-busy
'making-money' to actually  'give a damn' about them, and that the 'way
things are' 'requires' them to 'compete' to "get-there's", 'two'.

and that's where the Future, itself, Breaks-Down, Promising more and more
'scandals', as this Child, or that, matures to, by mere-happenstance, impact
'corporate' decision-making.

it's the Same-Stuff i've discussed, repeatedly, in the past.

'abandon' the Children, and, then, 'expect' them, come-to-maturity, to
possess that which wasn't experienced by them as they were coming-up?

"Yeah, sure."

so, you see, i got 'busted', early this morning, by folks who, themselves,
were 'discarded' as Children.

they 'jumped to conclusions' that derived in their own experience, not in
anything that was in my prior post.

Same-Stuff happens within 'corporate' dynamics.

i Understand, that what i've discussed seems, to 'corporate' folks, to be

but that, 'two', derives in the 'corporate' folks' own experience.

in Truth, fostering a culture of Caring about all of Society's folks is the
relatively-easy thing, be-cause there's so much Joy built-right-in to it
[literally; "biological reward", AoK, Ap5].

and, as the culture of generalised Caring augments, what, in its Absence,
seems like 'magic', just Happens, matter-of-factly.

Voila! Profit-Ability!

it's =not= 'magic', though.

it's 'just' what happens when Love Abounds within a population.

such Establishes the routine =Experiencing= of that which fosters the Power
inherent in group-wise action.

then, market a useful product, and Profit will come.

if 'you' can't See it, it's be-cause our Society has been Broken with
respect to the 'difficult' stuff that's discussed in this CLARIFICATION.

you know, don't let what's Broken Dictate 'your' course.

Fix it, then act in accord with 'your' Choice, not the Broken stuff's

k. p. collins

>>work left undone is work left undone.
>>is it any 'wonder' that 'profits' are so 'chancy'?
>>members of Society 'sense' all of that missing stuff.
>>in such, Society-wide self, and interpersonal, esteem 'goes down the
>>the general 'malaise' aguments, until it stretches-out its neck, wips back
>>around, 'devours' all that established it.
>>get it?
>>CEOs, Board Members, Share Holders, and Employees have to =See= the
>>Responsibilities that fall to them with respect to all of Society, not
>>from 'stock option' to 'stock option', 'dividend' to 'dividend', and
>>'paycheck' to 'paycheck'.
>>the most-important stuff has nothing to do with 'money'.
>>i mean, it doesn't cost anything at all.
>>just requires Seeing one's Responsibilities, and Acting, Honorably, on
>>costs nothing.
>this's Not-True. there's 'cost', inherent, in terms of the energy expended
>during information-processing-convergence upon, and manifestation of,
>correlated behaviors.
>Sorry. in my prior post, i was addressing only monetary costs, but didn't
>make such clear.
>=much= that's been left undone can be done at little or no monetary cost.
>of course, 'seeing' everything in terms of 'money' will, simultaneously,
>'see' that there'll be money left ungotten in-there, but that's an
>i'm not saying 'drop everything, and look outward'.
>i'm saying, "Do the stuff that's been left undone, and which, being left
>undone, declares your corporation's Disregard for its Customers."
>once that Declaration communicates, your Customers become 'customers', not
>actually caring, one way or the other, with respect to your Corporate
>it's not Share Holders who make or brake your Corporations. It's your
>if you want =their= 'hearts', carry them in yours.
>[further comments below.]
>>makes all the difference.
>>and 'just' keeps Giving-Back to those who imbued it with Life.
>>you know, Leaders must actually Lead.
>>but, first, it's Good to become Aware of what it is that's actually
>>Dependent-upon their Leadership.
>>hint: it ain't "money".
>>Lead, with Honor, and there'll be Money enough to go around, and plenty of
>>folks wanting to share in your Honor through their Respectful regard of
>>corporations' offerings.
>>[and, for those who [still] 'wonder', yes, it's all 'just' TD
>>i'll continue on this line, from 'time' to 'time', as useful example-stuff
>>shows itself during everyday events.
>>k. p. collins
>"Coke to Report Stock Options as an Expense", By FLOYD NORRIS and SHERRI
>quoting from the article:
>"The Coca-Cola Company, breaking ranks with the vast majority of American
>companies, said yesterday that it would change its accounting so that its
>earnings reflect the value of the stock options it grants to executives and
>other employees."
>i'm going to buy some Coca-Cola.
>the article provides a useful overview of recent stock-option history.
>the =general= thing remains: Honor Truth and Truth Honors you right back.
>not only with respect to stock options, but with respect to everything,
>'cause, without fail, Truth Dishonored, Dishonors right back.
>there's no 'way around' such.
>it's a Thermodynamic.
>with respect to such, there's a CORRECTION above.
>k. p. collins

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