brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > Dear Hope Munro Smith,
> > >
> > > Mere books and uniforms do not account for the cost of SHEER STUPIDITY
> > > the American Educational Systems.
> > >
> > > My mother related this story to me last night.  A gentleman she knows
> > > inquired of three teenage children on the streets of my hometown
> >  concerning
> > > who bombed Pearl Harbor at the beginning of US involvement in World
War 2.
> > > One teen answered that US Forces bombed our own base under friendly
> > > Another answered that Usama bin Laden bombed Pearl Harbor, when he
> > > born until c. 1959, since he was 12 in a photo featuring his family in
> > > Sweden in 1971.  Yet another answered most intelligently, that he
> > > know.
> >
> > And you're suggesting that adults do much better?  This ignorance is
> > characteristic of most Americans, young and old.  Other countries are
> > bad too, but the topic is the US (so I'll ignore them).
> It's actually very nice to go to cities like Tokyo or Beijing or
> Moscow or Stockholm and see normal people dressed in their non-slutty
> national dress.  What we call "fashion" most of the rest of the world
> calls trash.  It used to be the other way around--we were the leaders
> in fashion.  Now we're the leaders in trash and not parent anywhere
> wants their children looking like "Americans" any more.

Have you been to Japan?  Somehow I doubt it.

Are you arroused by teenaged apparel?  Is that why you're so opposed to it?
Does it bring up latent pedphilic urges?

> > > Never mind that our kids never learn real American History or
Spelling, or
> > > that they learn revisionist standards from highly paid but untrained
> > > professors who earned their degrees from diploma mills and were
> >  by
> > > the Peter Principle.  Our kids are rapidly becoming even more
> > > than are these professors, to the point that they can't even figure
> >  the
> > > numbers on a calculator, much less work a slide rule.
> >
> > I find it amusing that in the US such a high value is placed on American
> > History.  In fact, you apparently place it on the same level of
> > as Spelling.
> >
> > A slide rule is archaic and useless.  We don't teach children how to
> > a spinning wheel, either.
> >
> Yes, and that's why even American companies are moving their
> manufacturing to every possible off-shore location--to get away from
> morons who "think" that history, spelling, slide rules, and the trades
> are "amusing".

Moving manufacturing to other countries is a good thing.  It is a sign of a
developed country that the majority of the revenue is from services.
Additionally, manufacturing isn't a particularly skilled industry.  For
every engineer, there are many many more labourers.

> The REST of the world disagrees with this "liberal" assessment, just
> as Mr. August does.

Most of the world hasn't received a basic instruction in economics.

> > > Lastly, I was taking an evening walk last night, when I observed
> > > teen girls rather provocatively dressed.  Granted, it is summertime
> >  they
> > > need to dress to be cool.  But to wear clothes only a prostitute would
> >  wear
> > > would make one wonder where their brains really are.  Can they read
> >  clothing
> > > labels, or bottles of hair colourant?  Is it any wonder our American
> >  Schools
> > > are now wasting more money and talent with day care centers in our
> > > schools whilst pregnant teenagers usurp our tax dollars ostensibly
> >  obtaining
> > > an education when they've been told flat out they can earn more money
> > > their backs than they can on their feet?
> >
> > Yes, because exhibitionism is equivalent to a vacuous mind.  Slutty
> > does not equal slutty person.  It's just that society is moving towards
> > state of less clothing since most of the time clothing serves no
> >
> Wrong.  Dead wrong.  The only vacuous mind is the one who doesn't even
> appreciate Mr. August's point, which you obviously don't.

Actually I do.  His logic is specious, however.  Yours is too, by the way.

> > > Face it, Mrs. Smith, American Schools are a dungheap, and American
> >  Children
> > > are its fodder.  Billions of American dollars are wasted educating the
> > > uneducable MTV generation, who care nothing about the real world other
> >  than
> > > watching "The Real World" on MTV.  Talk to these kids, and find out
> > > dumb, or how smart, they really are.  "Beavis and Butthead" have met
> > > progeny here.
> >
> > The children are no stupider than the parents...
> oh, really?  When their parents went to school, SAT scores were 98
> points higher, teachers didn't think accurate spelling or history
> lessons were "amusing", dress codes were decent, most had spoken
> Christian prayers in their classrooms, and our "education" system
> wasn't the laughing stock of nations.

SAT scores are only genuinely comparable to the scores for the same test.

Christian prayer is quite irrelevant.

Your education system has always been the laughing stock of nations, at
least now you have some universities that have an international reputation.

 > Do you think there's possibly anything you could say to contribute to
> the solution, or will you instead continue to make excuses for the

One course in national history in total.  Start Algebra in grade 2, Calculus
in grade 5 or 6.  Physics in grade 4.  Chemistry and Biology in grade 6
(experimentation is more difficult).  Maybe they could take some sort of
philosophy course in grade 7 or 8.  Remove physical education, since that
really doesn't educate, and replace it with the courses mentioned above, as
well as a more comprehensive health component.  Also, take out cursive
writing since it's rather outdated.  Reduce the time spent on rote useless
learning, and teach logic and other skills that are far more useful.

Maybe an education in economics too, so we could reduce those
anti-globalization protests.

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