brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > despite
> > the fact that because of sexism, women have had few opportunities to
work in
> > the sciences.
> I don't buy it.  I've seen too much phony Feminist history already.
> We're told women couldn't own property, false, we're told women
> couldn't vote in the USA before 1920 (try 1869), we're told a lot of
> untrue things.
> It's clear to me the real sexist zeitgeist is pushing in the opposite
> direction.  That impression is underlined when I see Grace Hopper's
> and Marie Curie's workaday contributions exaggerated to the point of
> being called world-class achievements.  It is confirmed by the quality
> of OhSojourner's list.  Clearly many people want very badly to see
> women as more accomplished than they actually are.

I don't think you realize how important the invention of the compiler was.

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