brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > [concerning men]
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> > >It doesn't make them smarter and their corpus collosums are still
> > >up.
> > >
> > >I guess you missed the statistics that:
> > >
> > >(1) A woman's pain threshhold is far higher, due to the ability to bear
> > >children; roughly 5 minutes of labor pain would literally kill a man.
> >
> > If it wasn't so sad, it would be amusing to see these two extreme
> > sexists babbling crap to "prove" their sexism is reasonable.
> >
> > I know for a fact that you cannot provide any evidence to support
> > your statement, above, or any part of it.  You are just burbling
> > the prevailing sexism.
> >
> > If anyone wishes to look for themselves, just do a search
> > for "pain threshold +men +women" at, for example,
> >
> > You will find numerous studies, some of which conclude that
> > women have a higher pain threshold than men and some of
> > which conclude the reverse.  None of them come anywhere
> > near supporting the ridiculous statement made by Shadow Dancer.
> Shadow Dancer is forgetting the men who participate in boxing matches
> and other contact sports, who endure despite many blows to the body;
> soldiers who sustain wounds yet are still able to push on; aboriginal
> "rites of manhood", etc.
> (I sure as heck don't have a high tolerance for pain;  for example I
> need at least twice the dose of novocaine at the dentists'...)

If you need twice the dosage, this means that you have a high threshhold,

I didn't forget all that you cited and I wish I could find the study which
proved that a mere 5 minutes of full labor pain is enough to kill a man -
because it is.

I have been told that the amount of chronic pain I have to live with (yes, I
have several chronic conditions) would definitely land *anyone* in the
hospital, screaming for pain.

It IS easy to discover proof that women DO have to have greater endurance, a
higher pain threshhold, and her organs ARE larger and it has everything to
do with the live bearing of children.

If she wasn't long deceased, I'd invite you to ask my mother how she was
able to survive 5 days of constant labor pains, because, when I was born,
they weren't using ultrasound, and had no idea that I was breach (till both
our heart rates began to fail, at which point, they *finally* did a

You will always find examples in both genders that defy the statistics.
What I stated was meant to be taken "in general" and "for the average".

The Shadow Dancer

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