brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Jul 15 19:35:57 EST 2002

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> I didn't forget all that you cited and I wish I could find the
study which
> proved that a mere 5 minutes of full labor pain is enough to
kill a man -
> because it is.

Bullshit.  (I mean that in the good sense)  How would one even
begin to demonstrate such nonsense?

> I have been told that the amount of chronic pain I have to live
with (yes, I
> have several chronic conditions) would definitely land *anyone*
in the
> hospital, screaming for pain.
> It IS easy to discover proof that women DO have to have greater
endurance, a
> higher pain threshhold, and her organs ARE larger and it has
everything to
> do with the live bearing of children.

Then you should have no trouble doing it.


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