brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> >If Grace Murray Hopper really did invent the compiler, then her impact
> >has
> >> >been far beyond that of Marie Curie, and most Nobel Laureates in
> >> >
> >>
> >> It appears that she did invent the compiler, but there does seem to be
> >> some uncertainty.  There is a tendency to exaggerate the achievements
> >> of any woman who becomes famous in a field, and the exaggerations
> >> become assumed as fact without the checking that would usually
> >> occur.  For example, I have often read that Grace Hopper invented
> >> COBOL, which is not true.
> >>
> >> "In 1949 Hopper joined the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation as a
> >> Mathematician and there she worked with John Eckert and John Mauchly on
> >> the UNIVAC computer. She designed an improved compiler while working
> >> the company and was part of the team which developed Flow-Matic, the
> >> English-language data-processing compiler."
> >
> >If feminazis didn't always dredge up Marie Curie from a century ago as an
> >example of female intelligence, then this story about Hopper "inventing"
> >[read: IMPROVING, in the English language, as noted above] MAY be
> It appears that the compiler she improved on was her own.  It is not
> certain, but it does appear that if any one person deserves the credit
> for inventing the first compiler, it is Grace Hopper.  Does anyone have
> any evidence to the contrary?
> >But when they keep insisting that the wife of the recipient of half a
> >Prize was the *inventor* of x-rays, all such stories must be taken with a
> >grain of salt.
> A particularly inaccurate claim, as Marie Curie *did no work on x-rays*.
> Your statement is almost as inaccurate, as Marie Curie was a joint
> recipient of half a Nobel Prize *and* a sole recipient of a full, unshared
> Nobel Prize *five years after her husband died*.  As for the joint
> award with her husband, the evidence indicates that it was earned.
> They clearly worked together on their achievement.
> >On top of that, Hopper's alleged accomplishment occurred during the era
> >affirmative action, which will taint ALL such claims.
> 1951 was during the era of "affirmative action" (i.e. mandatory
> discrimination)?

hmm, you're right.  Officially, aa didn't affect federal employment until
the late 1960s, but unofficially the feminazis had been pushing "gender
equality" all century long.  Wechsler phonied up his "IQ tests" in the
1940s, which began the spread of the false impression of "gender equality"
which facillitated aa.

John Knight

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