brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Jul 15 22:03:19 EST 2002

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>> It's actually very nice to go to cities like Tokyo or Beijing or
>> Moscow or Stockholm and see normal people dressed in their non-slutty
>> national dress.  What we call "fashion" most of the rest of the world
>> calls trash.  It used to be the other way around--we were the leaders
>> in fashion.  Now we're the leaders in trash and not parent anywhere
>> wants their children looking like "Americans" any more.
>Gee, and what would you suggest?  50s-style dress?  You are making yourself
>look all the more ridiculous by the minute.  I'm sure all of us would be
>interested to know what you think is 'appropriate' dress.

But we know.  Barefoot and in the kitchen is his idea for how women should
dress and act.

>You're not Southern Baptist, are you?

Don't insult the Southern Baptists.  His stated religious beliefs are
associated with the Christian Identity religion (which isn't really
Christian, and resembles Nazism in religious disguise).

>> Do you think there's possibly anything you could say to contribute to
>> the solution, or will you instead continue to make excuses for the
>Do you think you could come up with anything that would not sound like
>misogynistic bullshit?  Do you even know what that word means?


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