brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > > > I'm female, and I was a numerical mathematics major in college.
> > > > >
> > > > > My IQ tested off the scale.
> > > > >
> > > > > So much for your theories.
> > > >
> > > > We're talking about the average.  And the fact that you think a
> > > > anecdote refutes this, doesn't speak well for your reasoning.
> >
> > True, anecdotes don't make for a sound logical argument, but beyond
> > that, what's you're point?  What's your underlying motivation behind
> > this thread?
> It's a little bit worse than that.  Even IF you're an outlier, something
> that your response suggests you couldn't possibly be, it's an irrelevant
> data point which doesn't affect the averages AT ALL.  It's not just that
> it's an anecdote--it's that you plainly stated that your "IQ tested off
> scale" so my "theories" were faulty.  That's not true (and these are not
> "theories", either).

At all?  That's hardly true.  Even if her score is ignored, it alters the
higher percentiles (in that you cannot ignore all of the high values, but
instead only some).

One cannot say that a single datum is irrelevant because you begin to toss
out statistics itself.  You do know that these studies are composed of
individual elements, right?

> > For example, you speak of mathematical achievers as being
> > overwhelmingly male... but that doesn't mean that ALL men are
> > mathematically gifted.  It only means that mathematical achievers are
> > more likely to be male.  And, they may only comprise a tiny fraction
> > of the entire male population, in which case we cannot make the
> > assumption that they are even *representative* of the entire male
> > population.
> But when the *entire* male population is tested, and when they're compared
> against the female population that's been tested, the gaps are similar to
> those on the GRE, which less than 0.2% of the population take every year.

So you've tested every male in the world?  That's strange, because I don't
remember any of these test.

And you're testing every male, and not every female?  And you honestly
believe that people who write the GRE are representative of society as a

You have some rather bizarre views.

> Are there SOME females who score higher than SOME males?  Yes.  But the
> issue isn't what happens at the low end, it's the high achievers who're of
> the most interest when we're discussing "IQ".
> Asian women score 126 points higher than Black men in GRE.  So what?  They
> score 14 points lower than White men, 66 points lower than Asian men, and
> 103 points lower than the 51,000 foreign men who take the GRE every year.
> The gap is even wider at the upper tenth percentile.

The upper tenth percentile?  That's rather low.  I believe you meant the
90th percentile, since when you use percentiles your referring to the
percentage of the sample that this person is higher than.

The fact that you aren't familiar with the meaning of percentile tells me
that statistics is not your forte.

> > I'd let the issue drop at that, except I remember that you're that guy
> > who believes that the Nineteenth Amendment ought to be repealed, women
> > ought not to have driving privileges nor even be allowed to attend
> > college.
> >
> > Question:  Which group represents the highest ten percent of IQ
> > scores?
> >
> > Is it men?
> >
> > Is it white people?
> >
> > No.  It's "the individuals who make up that highest ten percent."
> > This is the most precise answer and eliminates all allowance for
> > error.
> There is, of course, a more precise answer which feminazis don't want to
> hear, but which will be presented for your viewing pleasure anyway.  The
> tenth percentile, or 24,946 of GRE test takers, score higher than 730.
> though men are only 41% of GRE test takers, they're 92% of the top tenth
> percentile.

The top tenth percentile are rather stupid.

> So the precise answer to your question is that 92% are men and 8% are

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