Brain-Size-Lifespan Theory

mat mats_trash at
Tue Jul 16 06:39:18 EST 2002

> life-spans are increasing dramatically,
> as a function of experience, 

well really, the longer you live the more you see.  truly astounding. 

> the only physical reason that death =has to= occur derives in the onset of
> nervous-system-correlated inability to adapt.

Wat does this actually mean?  what do you mean by adapt? adapt to
what?  who/what is adapting?

Don't you think it is more likely that as soon as a organisms had
evolved enough to be able to reproduce then no further progress was
made in longevity?  Indeed it would be detrimental if people/animals
did live perpetually, and such organisms may well have been selected

The reason we live longer than our ancestors is that the general
standard of health and nutrition has increased and we now maximise the
potential of our bodies.

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