brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> Well, as a nice counter-balance, you might read "A Feeling for the
> Organism", a biography of Barbara McClintock.  McClintock won
> her (quite belated) Nobel for her intuition that bits of the
> chromosomes must on occasion move from place to place to account
> for the patterns she observed over a lifetime of studying
> the genetics of corn.  Her insights -- which she arrived at purely
> by observing generations of corn and studying their chromosomes under
> the microscope, none of techniques of molecular biology existed at the
> time -- the were roundly rejected until the development of these
> techniques demonstrated that she was correct.  Today of course,
> transposons are a standard part of genetic theory.
> McClintock, characteristically, regarded all the fuss attending
> her Prize as an annoying distraction from her work.

McClintock seemed to be a female with her feet on the ground.....unlike the
Feminiod-idiots of today(if your description of her is correct).


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