brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight johnknight at
Tue Jul 16 14:29:45 EST 2002

Feminazis insist that there is no advantage to men for their 18% larger
brain size which accommodates 3 1/2 billion more brain cells than women's
brains, and that men and women are of "equal IQ" because the smaller brain
size of women is compensated for by superior construction or better
materials in the smaller female brain.  Furthermore, the smaller female
brain is actually so much better and faster than the male brain that women
are more intelligent than men. The 24 to 43% higher GRE Quantitative scores
of men across all races (which is duplicated in every other standardized
test ever developed) has nothing to do with the additional 3 1/2 billion
brain cells in the male brain, but is due solely to "centuries of
discrimination against" women by men rather than the known physical
differences between the brains of men and women.  This "centuries of
discrimination against" women affected only the ability of women to reason,
but had nothing to do with providing the female brain with 3 1/2 billion
fewer brain cells, because only men are responsible for those lower test
scores of women. Besides, it's ridiculous to believe that this technological
society is even capable of measuring the size of the female brain accurately
enough to arrive at such a sexist conclusion. Anyone who would dare to
disagree with this position does so solely because they are a misogynist.
Not only is any discussion of the correlation between brain size and GRE
Quantitative scores taboo, but those who dare to challenge this feminist
principle of superior female intellectuality are a danger to society and
should be killed.

This is not a joke.  This is the collective intelligence of feminazism
exhibited on the internet.  These are the exact words used by many
feminazis, and agreed to by 100% of all the feminazis who responded.  Not
one single feminazi ever challenged one single word of their own ideologues'
ridiculous statements, and numerous pathetically feminized men agreed with

Reality is quite a different thing.  There was never a time when the male
and female brain were the same size or when male and female intellect were
"equal".  The female brain didn't evolve to its current inferior state
because men "discriminated against" women for even a day, much less for
centuries.  The brain is not like a muscle which can be made larger through
exercise, and there isn't a shred of evidence that average brain size by
race and sex changed by even one cubic centimeter from Day One (unless you
want to accept the ludicrous notion that Neanderthal Man and homo sapiens
had a "common ancestor", a theory debunked with recent DNA studies).  IF
[note big "if"] such feminazi theories have had any effect on society, they
have been an agent in the dumbing down of America as illustrated by the 98
point drop in SAT scores over the last four decades.  Any perceived
"narrowing of the gender gap" was accomplished only by dumbing down boys
faster than we dumbed down girls, but never by an improvement in the overall
intellect of women.

Discriminating against boys will not improve the intellectual state of
girls.  Systemic discrimination against males wherein they are reduced to
only 35% of GRE test takers, while women are increased to 65%, not only
failed to increase female brain size or improve female intellect--the FEW
men who did participate still occupied 92% of the upper tenth percentile of
GRE scores.  Not only are there twice as many American women than American
men taking the GRE, but there were so few American men that they were even
outnumbered by foreign students.  Yet the insatiable feminazis still whined
about "discrimination against girls".

Even when feminazis reduce the percentage of American boys to 1%, and
increase foreign students to 90%, they will still be whining about
"centuries of discrimination against", because their ephemeral goal of
achieving a female intellectual capacity "equal" to men is a false flag.

What could be worse for American women, as well as for society as a whole,
than to raise false expectations that have been known to be physically
impossible since the beginning of man?

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