brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > Every tale they tell about Hopper is larger than the one before.  In
> > searching the net, there are all kinds of ridiculous claims about
> > Hopper--she "invented" the Mark I computer, she "invented" Cobol, she
> coined
> > the phrase "computer bug", she "invented" compilers.
> >
> > What this shows us is that the very BEST woman "inventor" they could come
> up
> > was a fraud.
> >
> > What does that say about the rest?
> Even if you were correct here (which you are not, as has been demonstrated
> in other messages), this doesn't say anything about the rest. To believe
> that it does is a logical fallacy.

No, to believe that it *neccessarily* does is a logical fallacy.  To
believe that it suggests so is common sense.  That's the thing about
the real world - nothing can be proved rigorously, not really.  When
you get down to it, everything is a generalization.  But that doesn't
keep us from understanding the world pretty well with evidence and a
moderate level of generalization.

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