Brain-Size-Lifespan Theory

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Tue Jul 16 16:36:39 EST 2002

i should've specifified that the "not long ago" to which i was referring was
circa the "Iceman" discovered in Europe when the ice that'd encased him
finally melted. (sorry, that's how i remember 'the date' :-)

back then.

BTW, my paternal Grandmother lived to 100. My Father and I had set the same
goal for him, but then I was jailed, and he lost his Life at 93.


Dwight Hooper wrote in message
<45159f7d.0207152219.4d5fa4b3 at>...
>Dwight: As to the theory no comment. As to Mr. Collins comment, I say,
>"life-expectancy at birth perhaps. But when I look at my family tree
>the length of recorded life spans of those who managed to procreate, I
>see spans
>that often reached 60, 70 and even 80. And one maternal line that
>repeatedly reached the century mark even in the 1800's. Even 100 years
>ago, I suspect one in 20 live births didn't get past the three month
>mark. Perhaps my ancestors were not your ancestors;-)"
>"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at> wrote in message n
>> it wasn't that long ago that our anscestors life-expectancy was half what
>> is now.
>> no?

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