brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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><If feminazis didn't always dredge up Marie Curie from a century ago as an
><example of female intelligence, then this story about Hopper "inventing"
><[read: IMPROVING, in the English language, as noted above] MAY be credible.
><But when they keep insisting that the wife of the recipient of half a Nobel
><Prize was the *inventor* of x-rays, all such stories must be taken with a
><grain of salt.
><On top of that, Hopper's alleged accomplishment occurred during the era of
><affirmative action, which will taint ALL such claims.
>Really?  When did "the era of affirmative action" arrive in Sweden, 

Sweden?  How is Sweden relevant to whether or not Grace Hopper is
rightly attributed with inventing the compiler?


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