brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > >> It is now a generally accepted belief that the smaller gross weight
> >  of the
> > >> female brain has no significance other than that of the smaller
> >  average size
> > >> of the female.
> > >
> > >Does this mean the fatter a chick gets, the dumber she gets?
> >
> > I think what they're trying to say here is that women have a skeletal
> > structure that is generally smaller in proportion to a man's.  A
> > smaller skull would obviously have to contain a smaller brain,
> > although the structures may also be proportionately smaller.
> >
> > However, there are more factors to consider than brain weight itself:
> > brain folding and convolutions; neural complexity; neural connections;
> > types of brain cells; size and complexity of the different brain
> > structures governing behavior; etc.
> >
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> Addendum: here's an additional link of interest showing that brain
> mass is not necessarily the ultimate indicator of intelligence:
> The Dolphin Brain
> Dolphins have very large and folded brains, which (besides the large
> body mass) suggest exceptional intellectual capacity. According to
> brain researcher Pilleri, it can be called into question whether or
> not the brains of Homo Sapiens(human) are the highest in the rankings.
> Dolphins are easily trained and they learn exceptionally fast.
> However, recent research has shown that the amount of braincells found
> in dolphins is comparatively small. Scientists are coming to the
> conclusion that the dolphin is probably less intelligent than once
> thought. Humans have many more braincells and can therefore learn and
> think a lot quicker.
> [...]

It's doubtul that we can learn anything by comparing human brains to brains
of other species.  The fact that dolphins have such a low brain cell count
may explain why dolphins don't dance or do arithmetic, but so what?

There's obviously something very unique about human brain design, all the
way from Sub-Saharan African Negroids to East Asians, that no other species
benefits from.  The fact that all humans can participate in GRE, but no
other species can, means that it was possible to quantify the differential
in the specifications of human brains.

All of the techniques that feminazis have used to attempt to obscure these
simple facts are understandable, because the conclusions are inevitible:
their underlying religion of "gender equality" has been decimated.

You would think that gorillas would have large brains, since they're so
large, but their brains are less than one quarter the size of humans.  Not
even they're worth including in the comparison, though, because gorillas
don't take the GRE, and even if they did, they would be so far off the scale
that it wouldn't enhance the correlation at all.

John Knight

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