brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > >There ARE tremendous classified technologies which have been
> by
> > > >PRIVATE industry under government contracts which will remain
> classified
> > for
> > > >a long time, and which not even those companies can profit from in
> > > >private sector.  So, NO, Hopper was not an "inventor" of a blasted
> thing.
> > > >Bob Bemer, as an employee of IBM, WAS one of the "inventors" of
> > but
> > > >the team of engineers behind Cobol's development goes throughout all
> > IBM.
> > > >All Hopper did was sit their on the tail end of all the REAL
> > and
> > > >look pretty [or in her case, real ugly].
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > each give a detailed history of Hopper's life and contributions to the
> > > industry.  They back up with details what is meant when we say that
> > > invented the compiler (1949) and COBOL (1959).
> > >
> >
> >
> > An intelligent woman would submit to her husband. Obviously, this didn't
> > happen. The jews were already spewing out their feminist lies by 1943,
> > Hopper undoubtedly was deceived by them enough that her marriage was
> > dissolved. Thus, her lineage subsequently was terminated and became
> extinct,
> > all because of the jew lie of "career" over "children." You feminists
> > learn twice the Laws of Yahweh. In your wretched, barren old age, you
> > look back at the mistake you made. Again, when you are incarcerated by
> > Lucifer for your selfish transgressions against God.
> Now you're bringing religion into this argument?
<lots of snippage>

Parse...if you have looked at John Knight's website at all, the man is not
only a misogynist, but carries a hefty dose of anti-semitism, and likely
thinks blacks are related more closer to monkeys than anglo men are.

The more John Knight posts, the more it becomes clear that he is the type of
man who sees no problem in the murder of, say, abortion clinic employees,
because, after all, abortion is an "abomination of God" and it's his civic
duty to behave as God's lefthand man (assuming Jesus still occupies the
mythological right seat).

I also wager he is a hardcore Southern Baptist of the kind that looks
askance at people like us (pagan), then gets a shovel, a few buddies, some
rope, nails, and two long boards.  Have any idea what they do with this
stuff?  Well, first they take the boards and nail them into a cross shape.
Then they nail or rope their "intended victim" to this cross, then they bury
the entire thing.  See, extremists like this believe in Free Speech only
insofar as it permits them to freely spread their particular brand of

Yes, I know of someone who was subjected to this very treatment and managed
to survive.  He bears the nail scars to this day.

I contend that each and every one of us who have disagreed strongly with
John Knight now have a metaphorical bullseye between our eyes, and if he
could find a way to get away with it, he'd use the bullseye to scramble our
billions of brain cells until our autonomic functions ceased to work (ergo,
we'd die).
John Knight, I'm certain you are reading this.  I do not know if it was your
own mother you had a severe problem with - or an ex-wife who suddenly got a
clue and booked when she realized you really DON'T have any right to tell
her how to live her life.

Either way, a growing population of us would be very relieved if you would
cease using the general Internet to display your psychological and
pathological urges, and saw a qualified psychiatrist instead.

The Shadow Dancer

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