signal transmission

Richard S. Norman rnorman at
Wed Jul 17 07:59:39 EST 2002

On Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:57:42 +0200, Laurent
<lorseau at> wrote:

>I read somewhere that some neurotranmitters act only after the axon has stopped
>I think this means the transmitters can't act as far as the axon is firing ?
>Is this really possible ?
>For me, that would mean, by transposing it to a bigger scale, that we are waiting
>for the end of some action to continue the process, which does not seem too stupid
>to me. How often do we not even want to think, as far as the action is not over ?
>But that could be totaly wrong...

What you read is wrong, plain and simple.  I have given you two long
explanations of synaptic transmission.  Do you want more?

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