brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Jul 17 11:06:31 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
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> > Yup. Women benefitted by being recognized as fully human citizens with
> > the same inalienable rights that men have.

> And what were you before "feminism" set in--half-humans?

Yup, woman-child governed by man-adult. 

> The problem with demanding "the same inalienable rights that men have" is
> that you forgot  to exercise the responsibilities

I forgot nothing of the sort you stain of life.

 that go with it, like
> comprehending the US Constitution, and the Second Amendment, and the rest of
> the Bill of Rights.

> Another problem is that women are now 11% more of the voters than men, yet
> as a group, they get back more directly from the IRS in tax credits and
> "earned income credit" than they pay in taxes in the first place

So do mostly male big business owners.
> So women are now voting to spend money they never earned, whereas men are
> paying 115% of federal taxes and get outvoted on key issues by women.

Yes, and big business has nothing to do with creating the volumous tax
shelters which force workers to pay for their bonus at CHRISTmas?

> > Who cares?

> And this is a great demonstration of exactly what's missing from the
> feminazi mentality.  If you were to attempt to set up your own little
> country, it would last about 35 seconds.  Because of your missing 3 1/2
> billion brain cells, you really are incapable of comprehending what's
> required to create and sustain a viable society, as men are.


 You're so
> arrogant and self-centered that it's obvious that the 19th Amendment was a
> HUGE mistake, one that adversely impacted women more than it did men, but
> which is way, way beyond your ability to understand.

Nope. You are incorrect and women will continue to particpate as full
citizens in the USA.

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