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> > Parse...if you have looked at John Knight's website at all, the man is
> > only a misogynist, but carries a hefty dose of anti-semitism, and likely
> > thinks blacks are related more closer to monkeys than anglo men are.
> >
> > The more John Knight posts, the more it becomes clear that he is the
> of
> > man who sees no problem in the murder of, say, abortion clinic
> > because, after all, abortion is an "abomination of God" and it's his
> > duty to behave as God's lefthand man (assuming Jesus still occupies the
> > mythological right seat).
> >
> > I also wager he is a hardcore Southern Baptist of the kind that looks
> > askance at people like us (pagan), then gets a shovel, a few buddies,
> > rope, nails, and two long boards.  Have any idea what they do with this
> > stuff?  Well, first they take the boards and nail them into a cross
> > Then they nail or rope their "intended victim" to this cross, then they
> bury
> > the entire thing.  See, extremists like this believe in Free Speech only
> > insofar as it permits them to freely spread their particular brand of
> > hatred.
> >
> > Yes, I know of someone who was subjected to this very treatment and
> managed
> > to survive.  He bears the nail scars to this day.
> >
> > I contend that each and every one of us who have disagreed strongly with
> > John Knight now have a metaphorical bullseye between our eyes, and if he
> > could find a way to get away with it, he'd use the bullseye to scramble
> our
> > billions of brain cells until our autonomic functions ceased to work
> (ergo,
> > we'd die).
> >                                                        ===
> > John Knight, I'm certain you are reading this.  I do not know if it was
> your
> > own mother you had a severe problem with - or an ex-wife who suddenly
> a
> > clue and booked when she realized you really DON'T have any right to
> > her how to live her life.
> >
> > Either way, a growing population of us would be very relieved if you
> > cease using the general Internet to display your psychological and
> > pathological urges, and saw a qualified psychiatrist instead.
> >
> > The Shadow Dancer
> >
> >
> You feminazis have already proven the point of this thread a hundred times
> over, "Shadow Dancer", which is your abject inability to reason, think,
> analyze, or otherwise produce a cogent thought, so why do you keep on
> to prove to everyone that you can't write one single honest and accurate
> sentence?

Why is it that you cannot find evidence to support your claims other than on
your own, poorly-designed website?  I'm still waiting for those references
that aren't cobbled together and posted to your site.
> You *almost* wrote one complete, accurate sentence, but then blew it right
> at the tail end with your feminazi gibberish.

I wrote many more; it is sad that you resort to petty insults.  You must
have an amazingly low level of self-esteem that you have to resort to
putting down someone by virtue of their gender, to feel better about

> This is proof that you cannot reason.  Your childish blathering is so far
> off the mark that it obscures your other *almost* accurate sentences.
> And you expect the world to believe that men with 3 1/2 billion more brain
> cells than women have an "IQ" "equal" to women?
> You really have a low regard for men, don't you?

I have high regard for anyone, regardless of gender, who is reasonable,
open-minded, and always willing to learn something new.  I have an extremely
low regard for people like you, who have such miserable lives that they
resort to putting down others in order to falsely lift themselves up.

I wager you have no idea what half the words I employ, mean - and why?
Because your OWN level of education is SO low that you cannot even so much
as figure out meanings by simple context.  You see, I'm the one whose
intelligence scores off the chart - the SAME chart which is used, regardless
of gender.  I'm the one with a college education.  I'm the one who could
dance word-circles around you till the proverbial cows came home.

That is why you refuse to reply to my reasonable requests for information
outside your website.  Not only do legitimate studies often prove you wrong,
but you likely couldn't understand the language used if it was explained to
you in excruciating detail.

Here, let me help you out - here is a link to Merriam Webster:

Perhaps you could begin working on your own level of education before
blatantly attacking anyone else's.

The one post I noticed you ignored (but nobody else did) was the one
concerning how much of the brain the average person employs, regardless of
gender - a mere 8-10% according to most studies I've read.

That means, John Knight, that it matters not how *many* brain cells you
have - it matters more *how* they are used.

It would be far more productive if you would cease blathering hateful
nonsense, and spent the time on stretching your own use of your brain past
its paltry 8%.

The Shadow Dancer

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