brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>>The ToE is absolutely silent on the question of a deity, as is all of
>>science.  Whether a person believes that God guides evolution or not, they
>>accept the theory of evolution.  Many (evolutionary) scientists believe in
>"All of science" cannot be silent on the question of a diety if many
>scientists belive in God. 

There is a distinction between science and scientists, a very large

Science is silent on the question of a deity, because the whole
question of a deity is an untestable hypothesis.  In any case, a
deity cannot be explained and is not subject to normal restrictions.
Science is about discovering how things happen.  It may be used to
predict future events, based on knowledge of how things happen (though
it appears that the universe is not actually deterministic).  It may be
used to  discover what probably happened in the past.  What it can't
do is explain *why* things happen, other than in terms of a 
sequence of events (Z happens because Y and X happened).
Why things happen isn't a scientific matter.

A scientist is a person who uses the principles of science to
determine *how* things happen.  That same person may use
religion to satisfy themselves as to *why* things happen.


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