brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>>Then there are the other forms of dating, which can date back
>>much further.  If humans only existed 3000 or maybe 6000 years
>>ago, who was making stone tools 600,000 years ago?  Or are
>>those dating methods incorrect by a factor of 100?  If so, why?
>>And what about the humanoid skeletons dated as old as
>>7 *million* years?
> Reverse time travel. Think about it... a time traveler traveling at
> the speed of light comes back younger than everyone he'd left.
> Looking back into an exponentially expanding universe is time travel
> in reverse.

Well, you know, Marvin the Paranoid Android was something like 30-odd times 
older than the universe itself because of all the stupid erands humans sent 
him on through time, so I guess its possible.

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