brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Jen Larson straycat at
Thu Jul 18 08:11:31 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:

> A total of 9% are "evolutionists" who believe "God had no part in this
> process".

yea but get this they all just guessed! LOL! They don't know. To me it's
obvious. God does not exist. Ancient texts confirm this. Ancient
populations evolved in isolation from eachother. Each created their own
"GOD" to explain things the way it seemed to make sense at the time
probably bored stuck in a cave for a few wks in the winter, year after
year after year, and most of them attached powers to them which priests
could execute in many instances, certainly they alieviated boredom by
making productions (dances, costume, music and fire) and using drugs,
etc. IOW there is an inate knowledge of some spiritual connection
between not only humans but their environment (the animals and the
plants are incorporated in great majority of them) then they all made up
elaborate stories and things and most likely because they were bored,
then it was exploited to use as a power tool to brainwash the
accumulating masses. When they met eachother through advancing evolution
and encroaching populations they were pissed because now everyone is
indocrinated from birth that this god is REAL and nobody better fuck
with our GOD or US and then here come these other people saying our god
is REAL, the killing starts, then the spoils, then the greed then the
propulsion mechanism is in place to create nations and governments
revolving around religion, the void will be filled. Not by the made up
GODS but by the makers of the stupidity: man. that is the redemption you
so dilligently seek.

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