does caffeine prevent Alzheimer's

Thalamus zhil at
Thu Jul 18 13:30:07 EST 2002

On first trhought, it seemed great that AD could be hindered by caffeine.
But the numbers are way to low, so I'd be surprised if they accknowledge
this 'research'.
If they could try out an experiment over 20 years with a significant portion
of the entire population, then the result would be interesting.
Say, 40-50% of the adult population.......
The various variables could also be taken into consideration (diet, smoking


<taurusrc at> skrev i melding
news:guq8jughogguoajn5rdosog89vu7ankj0v at
> There are too many variables involved to make an informed decision.  For
> example:
> The study was based on coffee intake.  Was that strong coffee or weak
> Why wasn't the study done using caffeine.
> Many people lower their intake of coffee because it makes them nervous or
> them insomnia.  Perhaps people who get that reaction from coffee are more
> to AD.
> It seems to me that some studies should not be published.   What is the
> Ora

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