brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> but since you couldn't refute the POINT,
> > what else should we expect from a brain missing 3 1/2 billion brain
> >
> At least I got the cells that can do basic algebra. Let's review your
> attempt:
> "[ x = total guesses, 0.25x = correct guesses 0.75x =
> wrong guesses = 70%, x = .93, 0.25x = .23 = correct guesses, correct
> total
> answers of 30% - 23% correct guesses = 7% (those who knew the
> problem)]."
> Thus you have 0.25x=30% AND 0.75x=70%. Without even doing a calculation,
> you can see that you have x being both greater than and less than one at
> the same time!
> So what are your extra cells doing?
> J

Thank you, Jet, for this timely demonstration of the point of this thread.

Here are the parameters:

Your problem is understanding the problem.


1)  Your problem is not algebra.

2)  Your problem is not even addition, or subtraction.

3)  Your problem is not even division or multiplication.

Here's your challenge:

Figure it out on your own with no help from others, and let us know when
you've got it right!

John Knight

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