brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > Yup. Women benefitted by being recognized as fully human citizens with
> > > the same inalienable rights that men have.
> > And what were you before "feminism" set in--half-humans?
> Yup, woman-child governed by man-adult.
> > The problem with demanding "the same inalienable rights that men have"
> > that you forgot  to exercise the responsibilities
> I forgot nothing of the sort you stain of life.

I agree.  You forgot nothing.  How could you forget something if you never
knew anything?

>  that go with it, like
> > comprehending the US Constitution, and the Second Amendment, and the
rest of
> > the Bill of Rights.
> Incorrect.

The segment of the American population who scored lower than if they had
just guessed on a THIRD of TIMSS physics questions could not possibly be
expected to comprehend the US Constitution.  It might have seemed
straightforward to Mr. Jefferson et. al. when they wrote it, but little did
they know that feminazis would get to vote

> > Another problem is that women are now 11% more of the voters than men,
> > as a group, they get back more directly from the IRS in tax credits and
> > "earned income credit" than they pay in taxes in the first place
> >
> So do mostly male big business owners.

What a moron.  "mostly male big business owners" PAY $200 billion per year
JUST in corporation taxes, and also they PAY more than 90% of federal income

But it's so easy to fool a feminazi just by printing a headline in the
jewspaper about "corporate welfare".  Just WHERE do you feminazis "think"
"corporate welfare" comes from?

> > So women are now voting to spend money they never earned, whereas men
> > paying 115% of federal taxes and get outvoted on key issues by women.
> Yes, and big business has nothing to do with creating the volumous tax
> shelters which force workers to pay for their bonus at CHRISTmas?

awwww.  If you worked for me, you wouldn't be working for me.  You'd be
fired for THREE reasons:

1)  being an ingrate.

2)  being STUPID.

3)  being AMORAL.

> > > Who cares?
> > And this is a great demonstration of exactly what's missing from the
> > feminazi mentality.  If you were to attempt to set up your own little
> > country, it would last about 35 seconds.  Because of your missing 3 1/2
> > billion brain cells, you really are incapable of comprehending what's
> > required to create and sustain a viable society, as men are.
> Wrong.

So where's that great feminazi empire that produced the world's highest
standard of living, kinda like the one WE had BEFORE we used affirmative
action to force companies to hire IDIOTS like you?

>  You're so
> > arrogant and self-centered that it's obvious that the 19th Amendment was
> > HUGE mistake, one that adversely impacted women more than it did men,
> > which is way, way beyond your ability to understand.
> Nope. You are incorrect and women will continue to particpate as full
> citizens in the USA.

Women have never participated as full citizens, and never will. As a group,
you'll never even pay any taxes, much less your "equal share" of them.  As
intellectuals, you've made a mockery of our once fine universities.  As
irresponsible and uninformed voters, you've turned all government employment
into the most massive welfare agency in human history.  Even though three
quarters of you KNOW that "gun control laws" are ineffective,
unconstitutional, costly, and STUPID, you still demand even more, which is
maybe the absolutely worst kind of citizen we could grow.  The only reason
the courts treat you like moral minors who can't uphold simple contracts, is
because you are.  And the biggest failures as wives and mothers in the
history of the world is the American mother who,  in a mere half century
(thanks to you feminazis), sank from the most admired, respected, and
revered woman in the world to the laughing stock of nations, mainly by
subjecting tens of millions of the nation's children to the vagaries of

You really couldn't have done a better job of destroying the American wife
and mother if you'd tried.

John Knight

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