brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

RLW zzwindol at
Thu Jul 18 17:19:10 EST 2002

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, John Knight wrote:

> Well, you got a zero for reading comprehension, ParseTree.
> If you had paid attention to the url at
> then you would already know that it was a Swedish woman, G=F6sta
> Mittag-Leffler, a professor of mathematics at Stockholm University Colleg=
> who asked Pierre to consider asking the Nobel committee to award half of =
> half to his wife, a lab assistant.  G=F6sta didn't make this request out =
> any serious concern for science, integrity, honor, but only because Marie
> was his wife.

  Mittag-Leffler was a man, not a woman.  Time and time again you get your
facts messed up.  I cannot take you seriously because of this.

  Your case against Marie Curie rests on a single line of a single letter
written by Piere Curie, which is ambiguous at best.  Your dogmatism is
making you look ridiculous, as it is obvious that Marie Curie deserved
the TWO Nobel prizes she was awarded.  Oh, I agree that she is given undue
attention because of her sex, but that doesn't undermine the fact that
she, together with her husband, performed groundbreaking research that was
more than worthy of a Nobel prize.


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