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>>oh to wish for a killfile system for newsgroup access through google
>>> and, yes, when i read of Jesus saying, [paraphrase] "If this or that is
>>> problem, get rid of it.", i see Him saying it with a 'twinkle' in His
>>or twinkie maybe
>>> because He was, simultaneously, addressing nervous system function, and
>>> Infinitely-more. i'm Convinced Jesus Knew how our nervous systems
>>> information.
>>well if one is to believe that we are his creation then one might hope
>>he knew what he was doing.  you would do well as a minister or priest
>>or something where suspect interpretation and extreme metaphorical
>>license are mainstays of reading what seems to me as relatively plain
>>> here, He was directly addressing TD E/I-minimization,
>>oh right, probably without using any of those exact words eh?  clever
>i'd say "i stand on what i've posted", but you'd "buzz" me, so, hopefully,
>for the last 'time'(?), i'll reiterate, a bit.
>as i've discussed, both recently, and in long-former posts, 'language' is
>just an interface.
>'language', and the particular verbal symbols incorporated within any
>particular instance of 'language', 'only' reflect larger
>nervous system function stuff, in which they derive.
>as is explained in AoK, Ap1, there're boundless ways to symbolically
>the larger stuff. boundless ways to impliment an instance of 'language'
>[which always causes me to 'smile' when this or that 'hubbub' with respect
>to 'borrowed' words comes up. it's not 'words', but the larger stuff that
>undepins 'words' that're 'hubbub-able.]

the Infinity, inherent, is what underpinned my interrupted 'whimsy' the
other night ["taking a forced break" thread].







and 'lady in a bush' [hint: Polish]

it's not 'language' that's important, but the larger stuff with respect to
which 'language' interfaces. and to experience that larger stuff one has to
'roll' the stuff of 'language' around in one's 'mind', converging upon
what's in the larger stuff via TD E/I-minimization.

anyone get the last one yet? [hint: a native Polish speaker probably won't
get it, unless she/he also knows English].

k. p. collins

>in this actuality, there's the necessity to explore the larger stuff.
>with respect to the Word of Christ, is what i do.
>"fundamentalist' interpretations get-into-trouble because they 'stop at the
>often, with Tragic results with respect to which most folks are familiar.
>k. p. collins
>>> as well
>>> as the Infinitely-more. my jaw hung-down when this sort of stuff became
>>> obvious to me.
>>I'll bet it was similar to the guy who discovered the 'bible codes':
>>"Look, if I carefully chose 'random' letters/words and put them in
>>some order they make a deep and meanigful statement".  VCR instruction
>>manuals are a particularly rich source of very tech-savvy prophecies -
>>if you know how to look of course.
>>> and i saw Jesus' Love for Humanity. think about it. there was, then, no
>>> anyone could understand the physical-reality correlates, yet Jesus laid
>>> all out.
>>> it's 'just' Awesome!
>>> how could it be?
>>> i can't explain it.
>>> but, there it is, plain-as-day.
>>> [all this, 'mat', because i spark you as one who 'likes' stuff like
>>oh yeah

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