brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> >Correct because we are not moronical sexist idiots like you. We cannot
> >> >comprehend the depths of your disgusting vile anti-woman spewings of
> >> >lunacy.
> >>
> >> Goodness. You certainly appear to have gotten worked up into a
> >> frezy. I hope you realize that's not good for your health.
> >>
> >> Jd
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> >I would imagine not, being chopped in with all that ice and all.
> Huh? Nevermind.
> Quit fooling around with Satan.
> Adam, being the head of household, was given orders directly from
> God about not eating the fruit, Eve wasn't. She was simply deceived
> by Satan.
> At any rate, it's not "sexist" to  uphold the biblical model of
> authority as it should exist in a familial context. It's anti
> christian to impose the secular doctrines of disorder and false
> authority spawned by shrinks and wizards... upon America.
> Why all these women so miffed at Mr. Knight for expressing his
> views? Apparently they have never learned that not all men can be
> bossed around as common pagan fashion would have it.
> Jd
> 1Timothy 2:12-13 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp
> authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first
> formed, then Eve.

Take your oversimplification of a PARABLE elsewhere.  That portion of the
Old Testament was entirely skewed by the all-male Council of Nicea - who
came up with your King James version of the Holy Christian Bible.

Let's talk of gender equalities and differences without mixing personal
religion into it, shall we?  After all, the founding fathers of this country
CAME here and established this nation - *because* of what religion had done
to England.

Take a gander at: if you
do not believe me.  Public domain quotes which can be easily verified.

So much for you and your Bible.

The Shadow Dancer

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