brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Fri Jul 19 02:46:49 EST 2002

"Shadow Dancer" <insomniac at> wrote:
>> has almost all of this data, if you just search for it.  The
>> graphs at
[many cites to his own pages deleted]
>> John Knight
>Sorry, but I'd rather look at things IN CONTEXT.  You see, once again, you
>used data in such a way as to further your obvious hatred.  There's a LOT of
>material on this site that should have *gone along* with those tables, but
>if you'd included it, then you would have refuted your own argument.
>A government entity would never advocate your use of their materials in such
>a way as to forward your agenda to take this country back into the "dark
>ages" of discrimination.

It isn't a government entity, and he has probably just put his foot in his
mouth legally.  TIMSS documentation is put out by a private group, and much
of its material is copyrighted.  Since the nincompoop has publicly posted
this evidence that he makes complete copies of their documents available and
he surely does not have their permission, I have forwarded a copy of his
posting to the TIMSS people as well as to his ISP.

(There is a reason why I will not quote the nincompoop's web page cites; I
have no interest in furthering his abuse of the copyright laws).


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