brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Fri Jul 19 16:34:35 EST 2002

"Richard C. August" <raugust at> wrote:
>Please, let us not forget that most of these "scores" on these "tests" were
> determined FALSELY either by grading on a curve or by "recentering" the
> scores, which is EXACTLY what the College Board did with SAT scores and
> which, very likely, is what the TIMSS revisions of late did as well.

Actually ALL normed standardized test are "graded on a curve", and are
renormed regularly. That is the DEFINITION of a normed standardized test.

The renorming is valid, because these tests are not generally intended to
measure changes in performance over time, though people insist on doing so
despite their inappropriateness for that purpose.

>But thanks to them, and jackbooted Feminazis like YOU, we men no longer want
> to have girlfriends, much less marry.

Speak for yourself.  I am happily married.

Good.  It means that YOUR kind will not reproduce.

>We desire to serve God Almighty as good men and husbands.  Thanks to
> feminism, VAWA 1 and 2, pornography, the TIMSS scores, "recentering", and
> women in the workplace, we cannot.

Blame it on others that you do not fulfill your responsibilities?  How

>SOooooooo, we end up in monasteries.......

Good riddance.

>Meanwhile, I guess you gals just have to suffer without us.

I doubt that any girl will suffer for not having YOU around.

>Shall I go on???

Rant and rave to your heart's content.  But don't expect to convince anyone
who doesn't already believe what you believe.


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