brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>>>>Then there are the other forms of dating, which can date back
>>>>much further.  If humans only existed 3000 or maybe 6000 years
>>>>ago, who was making stone tools 600,000 years ago?  Or are
>>>>those dating methods incorrect by a factor of 100?  If so, why?
>>>>And what about the humanoid skeletons dated as old as
>>>>7 *million* years?
>>>Reverse time travel. Think about it... a time traveler traveling at
>>>the speed of light comes back younger than everyone he'd left.
>>>Looking back into an exponentially expanding universe is time travel
>>>in reverse.
>>You are referring to time dilation, a relativistic effect.  That only
>>applies between objects moving relative to each other and only
>>becomes appreciable at a significant proportion of the speed of
>>light.  It does not apply to a person on Earth looking at skeletons
>>on Earth.
>The skeleton and the person however, have both been traveling
>relative to the moment of creation. A 3rd person observer, one who
>could travel at the speed of light and observe both the person and
>the skeleton (while it was living) could have a younger age for the
>skeleton relative to the moment of creation.

Oh, I see.  You are arguing that YEC are travelling relative to
Earth at a very large proportion of the speed of light, so that
only 6000 years have passed for them while tens of millions have 
passed for everyone on Earth.

Well, that's a novel theory.


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