Brian says John has a "nigger mind" Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Jet thatjetnospam at
Sat Jul 20 02:12:04 EST 2002

Thalamus wrote:
> "Jet" <thatjetnospam at> skrev i melding
> news:3D37BA25.8ED9E755 at
> > John Knight wrote:
> > >
> > > Believe it or not, Brian, you actually understated the crime problems
> caused
> > > by niggers
> >
> > Why would you use a slug against humans created by God, when God chose
> > to create them that way? Are you claiming you know better than He?
> Only a Nigger-mind would accept any kind of religion,

You mean like John Knight with his Christian beliefs? LOL!

 otherwise they might
> get confused, and you know what a confused nigger might do, right ?


> Rape, rob, kill and setting fire on their own appartments (ref:Watts).
> No Brain

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