bra sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sat Jul 20 10:22:38 EST 2002

"Jet" <thatjetnospam at> skrev i melding
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> > I GAVE the answer, and you didn't even bother to snip it.
> Um, dumb ass, I meant the answer to the physics question. Looks like
> neither you nor John know how to do a simple physics problem.
> I'll give you some hints: What is the tension on the string before the
> balls are released? What are their relative speeds after?

There are several variables, what kind of material is the string made off;
it's a huge difference between rubber and steel............
So, unless you're giving more details, the question is meaningless, idiot
And I didn't knew you had ballz.........HAHAHAHA !!!

> If you need more hints, let me know!
> > It is the long list of 'achievements' of your inferior race.
> > Of course you can't state in public your humiliation, that would be
> > and you're NOT human.
> LOL! Do you realize what a dumb fuck you are writing replies to me if I
> am not human?

I am answering for the benefit of the other humans that might stumble upon
you, so they might save time and ditch your sorry ass in the killfile.

> Do you leave post it notes for your dog? Fax your fish?
> Post to rec.pets.cats hoping to get an answer from a cat?

You seem to believe that B.S.
I don't.

> > You're an inferior ape, walking on two feet, talking gibberish known as
> > Ebonics,
> If you don't understand Ebonics, it just means you are ignorant, mofo.

You just created an oxymoron, moron - mofo is Ebonics for motherfucker.
I've got a handyt translater at hand :-)

> and think that memory is a good substitute for intelligence (which
> > is _wrong_).
> So, what is the answer to H04?

Tell me what H04 means (I'm naturalized Norwegian BTW), and I'll give you an
We don't use the US system, but the metric standard.
And if you want to impress me; then post the variables (kg's, m's m/s etc.),
what you want to know (in inches if you don't know how to convert to
meters), and I'll give it a try.


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